Release notes

last month
13 Sep 2021
A large pack of new features and constant UI and performance improvements, including fixes of bugs and small fixes. A few of the most important changes are listed below.
  • New Request For Information (RFI) workflow
  • Enabled live tracking of vessels and helicopters
  • Added loads of public content including, but not limited to, blog, employee highlights, events, pricing page, etc.
  • New layers on the Live Map for improved overview
  • Redesigned support for Drone assets
  • Improved support for mobile and tablet devices throughout the platform
  • Styling of e-mail messages sent from DECK1
  • Issues related to generation of PDF documents
  • Issue with missing placeholder image for providers page
3 months ago
05 Jul 2021
  • New redesigned start page
  • Allow selecting timezones when creating requests for quote
  • Improved organisation sign up flow
  • Internal automations to improve release cadence
  • Replaced icon package to better align with our design
  • Improved price history on generated PDF reports
  • Issues related to e-mail notification during sign up
4 months ago
17 Jun 2021
  • Ability to mark assets and providers as personal favorites
  • Introduce new light/dark themes and enable switching between them
  • Save RFQ's as drafts to be stored, edited and sent at a later point in time
  • Introduction of release notes
  • Improved the invitation flow for new organisation members
  • New settings page to allow users to configure which notifications to receive by e-mail
  • Changed the folder structure for generated procurement documents into folders separated by year/month
  • Several small UI quality-of-life improvements and design consolidations
  • Ensure dialog windows closes automatically when using the Back-button in the browser
  • Fixed an issue where certain organisations, couldn't select an asset when making an RFQ offer
  • Fixed the RFQ response deadline datepicker showing invalid dates in certain situations
  • Fixed a lot of small UI/UX issues and inconveniences
7 months ago
26 Mar 2021 - Release of 7Seas